Gen-T launches production ready ambulance at FDIC 2019!

A company several years in the making, Gen-T Ambulance officially announced their arrival into the Premium Ambulance market at FDIC 2019! Debuting on the main FDIC show floor at Lucas Oil Stadium, Gen-T Ambulance presented our first production-ready model, a Type I Ford F-450 4×4 Ambulance. Dubbed the GT 171, this model is 171” Long, 96” Wide, and has a spacious 74” Head Room. If you had a chance to see it at FDIC, we hope it sparked an interest to learn more!

What makes Gen-T different from all the others?

There are several unique qualities to a Gen-T Ambulance. While crowned roofs are nothing new, the Gen-T Ambulance roof is unique as it has been designed to be the strongest roof in the industry. Using custom-made, specially designed roof members, the Gen-T roof is crafted to be stronger in all areas while also increasing the interior headroom of the ambulance and still maintaining an aerodynamic profile. The interior ceiling mounted hardware that normally hangs below the ceiling in competing models is recessed into the roof on a Gen-T Ambulance. This helps increase the height of working space above a patient.

Organizations in the upper level of the market have higher expectations in their ambulances. That is why Gen-T Ambulance offers Ducted HVAC and Aluminum Cabinetry as a STANDARD on all models. What makes our design different? Unlike our competitors, the duct work is installed below the insulation of the module ceiling, thus increasing the efficiency of the HVAC Ceiling. When it comes to cabinetry, many other competitors still use wood inside their ambulance. Gen-T Ambulance uses all .125” aluminum for our Main Cabinet, Front Wall, and Squad Bench structure. There is no wood anywhere inside a Gen-T Ambulance.

Rather than using a laminated wall, which is prone to cracking and chipping, the Gen-T interior is completely powder coated, ensuring it will endure the abuse a front line ambulance is known to see throughout it’s life. The Powder Coat comes in many different colors and finishes to best match a department’s color pallet.

What Model Options are there to choose from?

Gen-T Ambulance offers several different models to choose from. The 171” Type I (displayed at FDIC) is also available as a Type III on a Ford E Series and GM G Series Chassis. We also offer a smaller 151” on Ford E and F series chassis, Ram 4500 chassis, and GM chassis. There will also be a 157” Type I and Type III model, as well as a Medium Duty 174” model later this year. All units are highly customizable to match any requested layout.

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Look for more exciting news from Gen-T in the very near future as we prepare to announce our strategic dealer partnerships and new innovations!

For more information, please feel free to contact Ray Devlin, Director of Sales for Gen-T Ambulance.